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As the director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), it is an honour to invite you to participate, in November 2009, at the 31st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy that will be held in Madrid.

The AEPD has always valued this International Conference, the largest forum dedicated to privacy in the world, which every year brings together the highest authorities and institutions guaranteeing data protection and privacy, as well as experts in the field from every continent.

Holding this Conference therefore seemed to us the best way of expressing this special valuation and actively contributing to advancing in the development of privacy and data protection.

The challenge we face as the organisers of the 31st International Conference is that of achieving the approval of a joint proposal on “International Standards for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Data”, allowing the development of a universal, binding legal document, which must be backed by the most extensive institutional and social consensus via the participation of the authorities and institutions guaranteeing data protection and privacy and representatives of both public and private entities and organisations.

Fortunately there were many cities in Spain that could have been chosen for this Conference. Any of them would have been an ideal scenario for this event, but we chose Madrid for several reasons, among which are the fact that the AEPD headquarters are located in Madrid, it is easy for all of the participants to travel here, and there is an excellent hotel, culture and entertainment offer in this city. I am sure that Madrid will be able to welcome all of you as you deserve and that it has sufficient appeal to make the next International Conference a special occasion.

We look forward to seeing you in November 2009 in Madrid!!!

Artemi Rallo Lombarte

Privacy Commissioner of Spain - Artemi RALLO LOMBARTE

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